Why are we proud to be IKO Roof Pro Craftsman Premier Contractor?

1) IKO Pro4 Complete Roofing System:

Here are the 4 components of the Pro4 roof system:

  • GoldShield, ArmourGard and StormShield eave protection defend the roof against wind-driven rain and ice dams. IKO recommends eave protection in valleys and around protrusions like vents and skylights.
  • RoofGard-Cool Grey or Stormtite synthetic underlayment options are chosen based on the local climate.
  • Leading Edge Plus starter strips are installed at eaves and rakes as an extra line of defense where it’s needed most.
  • Three ridge cap shingle options give roofers choices for matching the profile of the shingle.

No tear-off, no problem! There’s an advantage here to using IKO. Most other shingle brands require using their underlayment, and that means the best warranties are only available when the old roofing is removed (a tear-off). IKO doesn’t require a tear-off to get the better warranty.

2) IKO ratings from home inspectors:

IKO shingles have features that some home inspectors applaud. These include:

  • Standard wind ratings: 3-tab IKO Marathon shingles are rated for 60 MPH. All others are rated for 110 MPH (ASTM D3018 Class F), a rating that increases to 130 MPH with the enhanced installation.
  • Impact resistance: IKO Cambridge IR is the brand’s impact-resistant shingles. They have a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating, which means they weren’t damaged in lab tests by a 1.25” diameter steel ball dropped twice onto the same spot from 12 feet. The downside is that this is the brand’s only option.
  • Class A fire rating: Class A or 1 is the top rating for resistance to fire spread. All IKO lines have a Class A rating.
  • Algae resistance: All but Marathon and Cambridge Cool Colors have algae-resistant granules. Those with algae resistance are warranted against staining for 5 years (Marathon AR) or 10 years (all other lines).

These ratings show that IKO shingles perform up to the highest industry standards.

3) IKO benefits to homeowners:

    1. IKO Industries currently has an A+ rating with the US Better Business Bureau.
    2. Homeowners will find products in the shingle style and color range to complement their homes.
    3. Three-tab: Marathon Plus AR shingles have a 25-year warranty They boast a classic, neat appearance in 10 colors.
    4. Architectural Series: The only shingle in this category is the Cambridge. It is the top-selling IKO shingle. Color availability varies slightly, but 12-15 colors are sold in most regions.
    5. Performance Series: Cambridge IR (6 colors) and Dynasty (11 colors) include ArmourZone that strengthens the nailing zone against rips. These series are produced in 6-8 colors and vary by region. High-definition profiles produce the type of shadowing seen on a wood shingle and shake roofs.
    6. Premium Series: Armourshake (5 colors), Crowne Slate (2 colors) and Royal Estate (4 colors) mimic high-end shakes and slate with deep profiles. These are beefy shingle lines that withstand wind very well.
    7. IKO has solid warranties, and the top warranty is easier to qualify for than top warranties from most other brands.
    8. IKO makes 10 shingle lines. Eight are covered with a lifetime limited warranty, the highest percentage among leading shingle brands. We use approved hip/ridge shingles to qualify for the best warranty coverage on your roof.